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Turtle Books to Continue

Danny, Andy and Friends take on a new life…


Jason and Nordic Publishers, Inc. may have gone out of business,

but all remaining books have been sent to the not-for-profit


Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc., a New York not-for-profit corporation

located in Old Bethpage, New York.



The books will be available through this organization in their gift shop and will be distributed at various programs put on by their theater group. The stories by Nan Holcomb will be coming alive on stage as musicals for school presentations. As time goes on many of the other heroes will sing their way into the hearts and lives of children.

Follow this link to F.R.E.E. and check out the work

the theater group is doing.

This is an exciting extension of Turtle Books for children with special needs and their friends.

The contact person is: Jessica Gallone


Andy Finds a Turtle and How About a Hug.

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Consider our books featuring heroes who have down syndrome:

Cookie | How About a Hug | Me, Haily! | Buddy’s Shadow





manreading Reading these books together help children discuss their feelings, differences and similarities. They realize that there are others like themselves with similar problems and feelings. Reading the stories together provides a bridge of understanding with friends and siblings through the entertaining, non-threatening world of story telling.
Does your special child have cerebral palsy?
leftbottomAndy Finds a Turtle
Danny and the Merry-Go-Round
Andy Opens Wide
Sarah’s Surprise
Fair and Square
Patrick and Emma Lou
A Smile from Andy
For children with special needs, Turtle Books are reality based fiction. They read about heroes who look like them, have problems like theirs and have similar doubts and feelings.
ryanaddition There are 24 books in the series. Each book tells a story of a young child with physical, mental and language challenges. These include autism, visual impairment and deafness. All books are printed in 18 point type size. The average reading level is late second grade or early third grade.
It’s Time | The Night Search | When I Grow Up | Ryan’s Victory

Turtle Books Bridge the Gap !
From Separated and Isolated to: FULL INCLUSION


At School:school2Provide an interesting way to develop a positive attitude by children and teachers in the general classroom. For children who will be meeting a child who has special needs for the first time, lessons using Turtle Books provide an opportunity to question and become familiar with the disability in a non-threatening manner. The emphasis is placed on the similarities of the children, rather than the differences.school1
At Home:homeleft
  • Help siblings understand the ways in which their new baby is different. Provide an opportunity for siblings to ask questions and express frustration without guilt or criticism.
  • Frustrated parent and discouraged child may find encouragement and humor as they read the stories of Andy’s eating problems or sibling jealousy. A parent of a child with down syndrome will welcome reading the interactive hug etiquette book.
For the Child with special needs:childFor children with special needs, Turtle Books present heroes who look like them, have problems like theirs and have similar doubts and feelings. The books have developed from the everyday challenges facing the child and the caregiver. Problems like eating, moving, cooperating with therapists seem so simple, but often seem insurmountable to those involved on a daily basis.

Books available at:

Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc., a New York not-for-profit corporation located in Old Bethpage, New York.